• Andy Cohen

Where The Wild Things Are

(Original blog post for Bambanani)

Even moms get scared sometimes and often in pretty surprising ways. The other day I heard a funny story about a mom who confessed how in the middle of the night, she woke up to find an actual monster in her bed. She described how freaked out she was because this ‘thing’ glowed in the dark, made noises and moved. She talked about how her fear grew into a threatening need to extradite the creepy-crawly out of her bed. So with one toe (and in her own defense), she kicked it off her bed…but once she turned on the lights… she suddenly realized (to her horror) that the ‘monster’ was actually her two-year-old toddler, who had unknowlingly crawled into her bed …wearing glow-in-the-dark monster pajamas! She was shocked. Her child was shocked. And the only thing she could do to manage her guilt was to spill it online to her nearest and not-so-dearest. Watching it, I wondered what mind-games those breathing moster-jarmies played on this mother’s mind.  It reminded me that something about ‘being a mother’ is scary. And that this ‘something’ is not a thing we like to talk about much.



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