• Andy Cohen

How To Break The Chain Of Inter-Generational Trauma

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

(original post on Bambanani)

Did you know that you’ve inherited a lot more from your great-grandmother than her garish tea set? You’re probably storing some of her vintage baggage as well… the emotional kind. In every generation, the child unconsciously carries on a long line of past injuries into future spaces. It only needs to affect one family member, but the remnants can track down through all the decades that follow. And so (unbeknown to us) we lug along this proverbial baggage as we live our lives, which can be heavy work. So what does this mean for our own parenting, and how much of the worry that we carry, actually belongs to our predecessors and not to us? Read full article here...

How to break the chain of inter-generational trauma


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