• Andy Cohen

Good Enough Is Enough

(Original article for Bambanani)

The idea of the ‘Perfect Mom’ is an absolute myth and yet here we all are, chasing that fantasy of being ever-present; unconditional and producing happy and uncompromised offspring. For me, something very humbling happened when I first became a mom. The only ‘adult’ thing I had done pre-kids, was work. So when my daughter came along I immediately applied the same level of perfection and commitment that I had always had in my previous jobs. As an A-Type it had always paid off and my expectations of my motherly capabilities was high. I understood that trusty principal that got me through matric, Varsity and my early working years: That if you work hard at something, you become good at it. You will succeed and it willpay off. As a young working professional I knew how to work the system and achieve my goals. So when it came to becoming a mom, I simply assumed it would pan out in the same way. Well nothing humbles you quite like motherhood. Read full article...

Good enough is enough