• Andy Cohen

Busy Moms: The Real Reason For All The Busyness

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

(original post on JoziKids)

Good luck to the dad who comes home from a long day only to ask the mom of his kids if she actually did anything that day. There can only be wrath waiting at the other end of that sentence! Because that long list of everything us moms have to do is pretty epic. As busy moms our lives are not only about getting through our own stuff, but it’s also about getting through the stuff of others too. Most of the time we embrace the busyness as something we bought into. And so we do it all with a smile on the dial. But then there’s that nagging voice; the one that quietly complains about all that busyness. There exists a part of us that feels resentful at all the rush. But what if being busy was more than a burden? What if busyness was…(dare I say it)…an excuse? Read full article here...

Busy moms: The real reason for all the busyness


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