• Andy Cohen

Bodies And Bad Feelings: Re-Thinking Sensory Integration

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

(original article on Bambanani)

Why is every other child in O.T.? So many moms list Occupational Therapy (O.T.) as one of their child’s many stops along the way to the Weekend. Every other kid these days seems to suffer from some sort of sensory disturbance, which comes with a range of physical and behavioural challenges and emotional backlash. I’ve often wondered about that emotional component? Did something traumatic happen to trigger something physical in the body, or is it the other way round? In this ‘chicken-or-the-egg’ scenario, so much focus is put onto the physical. And while I absolutely trust O.T. treatment (it’s essential for kids who suffer in this way) I also wonder how Sensory Integration links with silent emotional trauma. Is it possible that something scary sits in the body when there is no other place for it to go? Read full article...

Bodies and bad feelings: Re-thinking sensory integration


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