• Andy Cohen

Bed Time, Books And Big Feelings

(Original article for Bambanani)

Twilight…a complex time for children. It’s a strange interlude between wake and sleep, doing and being, knowing and not. There are lots of reasons (besides exhaustion) that have many-a-mom dubbing the anticipation of bedtime,  “suicide hour’”. Now as a fully-grown human, this is sometimes baffling. I often fantasize about someone creating a restful sanctuary for me, telling me calming tales and begging me to go to bed. I love sleeping! But that is not necessarily so for little ones. This is because if your mind is young enough, sleep can actually be quite scary.  In most Western cultures, children sleep in separate rooms to their parents. And while this is a norm…I wonder (with all the bedtime protest) how ‘normal’ does it actually feel for them? And while this is how things are done, it can’t hurt to think about what it all means.

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Bedtime, Books and Big Feelings


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