• Andy Cohen

5 Reasons Why Kids Need To Hear No

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

(original post on Bambanani)

Like a great annoying parent, Eskom said, “NO – you can’t have the lights on whenever you want!” Just as kids who want what they can’t have, us adults have also been dished out our fair share of NO’s lately. Then last week we were meant to have Load Shedding at 8 pm. But the time slot came and went and the lights stayed on. I should have been relieved right? Yet it made me anxious? In the midst of all the political chaos, I needed to know that the ‘NO to electricity’ was consistent and planned. Not having the lights turned off when they said they would (should have felt like a small victory) but instead it felt unnerving. This got me thinking about the importance of NO’s and why they are crucial to our emotional well being. Read full article here...

5 Reasons Why Kids Should Hear "No"!


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