I am passionate about working with people in two modalities: Art Counselling and/ or simply talking. Both processes involve gently helping people change and progress in their lives at not only a conscious but also an unconscious level. The development of self-awareness is an important part of the process of positively moving forward. 

What is Psychoanalytic Treatment?

Psychoanalytic treatment gives people the opportunity to deeply examine themselves in order to achieve greater freedom in their life choices. People are mostly unaware of the powerful forces that govern their behaviour, relationships, and feelings. This can cause enormous difficulties and disruptions in love, life, and work. As most of these forces remain unconscious, the symptoms cannot be relieved by advice, self-help books or even the most well-intended action. Psychoanalytic treatment involves working with a practitioner who is well-trained in listening to these unconscious patterns. Because as Carl Jung says, "until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."    

What is Art Counselling?


Art Counselling provides a safe space for creativity to nourish emotional development and strengthen relationships. Using a wide range of art processes and materials; feelings are given physical form. This non-threatening process holds the potential for profound insight, breakthroughs, and integration, ultimately providing a deep level of renewal.